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Tommy Castro
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What can we say about Tommy Castro? St. Thomas Guitarus... the Maestro... that he sings so well and charms so powerfully that when he plays, exacting full yet slicing tone from that '66 Strat, we love him so much we listen rapt to every note. It had to happen that Tommy Castro would be recognized beyond San Francisco. He's a national act now, especially behind his summer 2000 and 2001 slots on B.B. King's tour.

You can still catch him around town, but it tends to be in bigger rooms, with bigger crowds... and, for months on end, especially during the summer festival season, he's on the road.

The Tommy Castro Band

Tommy Castro calendar

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Tommy Castro Ninth Bar Blues




backstage with B.B., August 2000


B.B., Tommy,
Tommy bassman Randy McDonald,
drummer Billy Lee Lewis,
tenor sax Keith Crossan



Tommy with Buddy Guy



Tommy with major fan Dani Barese

Tommy Castro Yahoo! fan club

with Yours Truly in the early days of digital, gaping at a Casio LCD (backstage at the Santa Cruz Blues Festival, spring 1997)

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